Spa Services

Bikini: $45 for Basic Bikini, $65 for Brazilian, or $75 for Parisian
Facial: $15 for Brows, Lip, or Chin
Legs: $60 & up for lower legs, $75 & up for full legs
Underarms: $25 & up
Back or Chest: $55 & up

Body Contouring Treatments
Results noticeable on first visit. Best results achieved with multiple visits.
1 Area, 30 min. (i.e., “front & back of thighs” or “gluts” or “abs” or “arms”) $45
2 Areas, 1 hour $70
3 Areas, 90 min. $95
Packages available for a series of treatments!

Body Wraps
Italian Mud Body Wrap: $80
This treatment is rich in minerals and plant extracts that withdraw toxins from
the skin while toning and tightening. Immediately noticeable results!

Herbal Body Wrap: $80
This therapeutic, aromatic cocoon of herbs is specially blended to treat cellulite.
This body wrap is a favorite for our military clients wishing to shrink their
waste at PT time!

Ear Acupuncture
Ear acupuncture has been around for over 2 decades, most popular for weight-loss thru curbing appetite and increasing metabolism. However, acupuncture of the ear has also reportedly been known to produce other positive results by reducing stress, reducing cigarette cravings, and curing migraines and insomnia.


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